Dress: Harper // Jacket: Bershka // Bag: Bershka

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are having a good new week so far! In the middle of renovating and dreading having my wisdom tooth taken out on Wednesday, I thought I'd stop by here and say hi with an Ootd-inspo post. Technically, this is not an ootD- (outfit of the Day) post but hey, they never really are right?  😉 Anyways...

Mixing old with new, the pink dress has been resting in my closet during winter and coming out during summer for two years, and it's still going strong as one of my favorite summer pieces. It's easy to dress down for casual summer days and dress up for hot summer parties. Here, I matched the dress with another summer fave, -the cropped denim jacket. It gives the outfit even more color and a little bit of an edge too. 
And If you're going out ladies, all you gotta do is: loose the jacket, let down your hair, put on a pair of killer heals and dance the night away! Meanwhile I'll be dancing my little self to renovating some more. Happy Monday guys! ♥