In the spirit of my post "Back to School" where I'm declaring my love for fall, I thought I'd continue with the same love this upcoming week and zoom in on one essential garment in particular: Coats. And as the fan I am of statement headwear, and a sucker for shoulder pads, we'll start with this look:

This look includes the very two things this fall will be all about: Coats an hats. Now, for those who have been following me here for a while might have spotted more than just one post suggesting my love for headwear. And it's here to stay. Sailor cap with its comeback last year is still going strong this fall. In fact, it kicked in another gear and can now be found in so many other colors than black (which I know, is technically not a color, but you know what I mean). Colors such as red, blue and green are headwear colors I applaud. For those who might not found the sailor cap a personal fave - you'll be happy to know that berets are making a huge comeback as well. 

Stay tuned for more coats. Happy Sunday guys! ♥