As some of you might have guessed, we shot this look on the same day that we shot the  “Orange in Beverly Hills” -look (see previous post). I wanted to have a common denominator in both looks -yet, make the styling and vibe completely different. In this case that denominator were the beret and the earrings…

It all started with the flare sleeve crop top and the beret (both from Fashion Nova). My initial thought was to combine the top with a knee-length , high waisted, black skirt. But nah… It would’ve been too predictable.
So last minute, I grabbed my  favorite pair of leather pants from Zara that I also wore to the Nike x Revolve Event and BOOM! -along with a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses and some serious bling from Guess, I felt bold, fierce and ladylike – all at once!

It’s a very affordable outfit (don’t we all love when our wallet doesn’t cry?), yet one with so much statement and attitude. I felt as if I was back in the 90’s, and in my head I was hearing California Love on repeat. The fact that you can wear a crop top and already have suggested tan lines in early March while constantly be able to create, express and meet likeminded creative people – that is California Love to me.

Between this look and the “Orange In Beverly Hills”-look, which one do you guys like better? Drop a comment below ♥