Video by Shya Entertainment. Drone shots: Niklas Frank

In collaboration with Amarillo, Vaasa, I've had the pleasure to visit the newly renovated restaurant & lounge, experience their concept "The Table", and try a new favorite of mine, -their vegan burger.
Walking up the beautiful neon light staircase with their signature skull logo on the floor, I felt as if I was going to the club, -only this time I'd be served food and have a comfortable seat from where I could have quality discussions. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post
By using code Shya20 you'll get 20 % off your "The Table"-experience. 


"Amarillo's slogan is 'Friends and Strangers'. You can come with your friends or you can come alone, - either way you'll be guaranteed a good time", says the 27-year old restaurant manager, Jenna Bast. Her presence is spelled B O S S  L A D Y. During our video shoot (video above) I watched how she worked: Always calm and with a smile on her face. She seemed to have an answer to every question and be in control of everything.
Bast continues: "We like to call our bartenders 'Bartainers', and our chefs 'Cheftainers', because they're here to entertain while serving you food and drinks. They'll make sure you have a great time, which you'll notice especially in our new concept The Table".   


By using code Shya20 you'll get 20 % off your "The Table"-experience. 

The tall pillar candles on The Table invites you to a royal atmosphere and let you know you're about to have a feast. And indeed you will. On the menu is:

♥ Welcome Drink
♥ First Course
♥ Drink
♥ Second Course
♥ Drink
♥ Third Course
♥ Drink
♥ Dessert
♥ Drink

The presentation of the food is beautifully done with a few surprises. The concept of chefs and bartenders being the ultimate entertainers of the night are brought to light, and suddenly words such as Cheftainers and Bartainers make perfect sense. 
There are eight seats at The Table. You can book the whole table and go with a party of eight, or you'll just go with a few of your friends, or you'll go alone. Since The Table always have to be full, this will mean that you'll be sitting with strangers that you hopefully by the end of the night can call new friends of yours (Friends and Strangers). And I doubt they won't be. Your host for the night have prepared fun ice breakers to make sure that no one sits quietly at The Table.


I have to admit. In the beginning I was a little bit nervous about the food. What if they didn't have anything that would fit my current vegan diet? There's one thing to have vegan options on the menu, another to have tasteful vegan options on the menu. To my delight, I found something I can genuinely say that titillated my taste buds: The Vegan Burger, with vegan dip. I'm not a weekly burger person, but once in awhile a girl gotta have a burger and this is the one.

At the end of the day, everything you need for a good night out on the town were on the menu at Amarillo Vaasa: Professional and entertaining service, beautiful atmosphere, good food and good company. That's what I call a full course dinner menu. ♥