Style by Shya

Adventures, risks and the unknown expressed in style


Fashion and style have always been my primary way of expressing myself, and I think my musical background reflects in the clothes I choose to wear.

In early age, I started experimenting with clothes and trying to understand who I was and what I wanted to say – I think a lot of it comes from my sister and I always trying to come up with new concepts for music shows and theater in school. I was also something of an MTV fanatic who religiously watched music videos for hours.
In 2013 I moved to Los Angeles from Finland to study music. Preforming around Hollywood, I discovered my new passion, Visual Artistry: Fashion, style, and photography.

While I am a bit of a perfectionist and obsessed with details, I live for unpredictable adventures -things I can’t control and that will challenge me. I live fast and forward and never look back.

With Style by Shya I hope to inspire you to live boldly, expressive and to your full potential.

Excited to share my journey with you

Xoxo, Shya